Would you like to help raise much needed funds for The Woodlarks Centre?
We are currently raising funds for the following projects:
1. Aromatherapy Bathroom - a versatile bathing system which is ideal for residents with reduced posture control offering therapeutic effects.
2.Driveway- our driveway is not safe for the residents as it has potholes and it is uneven.
3.Canopy- The residents need a front canopy to shelter them from bad weather as they get in and out of the bus.
4.French doors- The residents in the rooms on the East side of the property would benefit from French doors for 2 reasons.
1)Ease of access to the garden.
2)Safety evacuation should it be necessary.
5.Lift- we need a 2nd lift on the side of our building, because our lift breaks down on occasions. We have no alternative other than to use our external ramping system. This is not ideal in inclement weather.
6.Vehicles- Our vehicles have reached their life span. The vehicles are old and costing more each month to run.

180smoke . The Haas Brothers created animalistic silverware for George Lindemann Jr.