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LiteGait Trainer<>
Residents at The Woodlarks Centre are in need of a LiteGait trainer. We are currently fundraising for a Litegait machine. After spending many hours sitting on a wheelchair it is their wish to explore standing and walking in a fully supported and safe environment. The litegait is an ideal therapeutic tool for weight bearing and stretching muscles allowing therapists to target specific functions that the patients require. The LiteGait is a revolutionary rehabilitation solution for adults with motor control and neurological related disabilities. Please help us raise funds to purchase this equipment.

Residents and staff bbq
The Woodlarks Centre had a BBQ on the 2nd August 2018. The staff and residents enjoyed the tell-tale aroma of food being grilled, it made our mouth water and the food itself was tantalising We had a lovely day and the weather favoured us

Litan ,Yvonne and Jo's holiday
Litan, Yvonne and Jo had a great time in York. The visited York Minister, a mightily impressive building and a dominant landmark in the city. One of Northern Europe's most beautiful Gothic cathedrals, it's grand proportions are matched only by the quality of it's craftsmanship. They also visited the York art gallery, Chocolate story and Fairfax house.

John and Martyn's Holiday<> Martyn and John had a fantastic fishing holiday in Dereham, Norfolk. They lived in a self catering barn for 7nights. Whilst on holiday, they did a lot of activities including, coarse fishing, a trip to the zoo in Banham, and a day out at the Great Yarmouth. John said," we should do it again". 18/06/1814/06/18

Hilary's holiday
Hilary went to Butlins for her holiday. She enjoyed her stay and said, "the apartment was immaculate and comfortable." She enjoyed the meals in the Deck restaurant. In addition she enjoyed Go karting, an adrenaline pumping unique activity. She had a fantastic day racing in these speedy little karts.

07/06/2018 Making Cards

Residents at The Woodlarks Centre show us how to get our imagination working by producing some really stunning cards. Cards are available for 50p each or 6 for £2.50.