Activity Centre

What sets Woodlarks apart is the Activity Centre. This large, spacious, light and airy room is the beating heart of the charity. Stocked floor to ceiling with every art material imaginable, this is where residents who wish to do so congregate each day to take part in a range of therapeutic arts and crafts activities. Some residents enjoy painting, drawing, silk painting and colouring while others make mosaics, cards and rugs. Residents can do a puzzle, play bingo or board games and also take part in other activities. Recent ones have included pottery, flower arranging and willow work. Two members of staff are always on hand during the week to assist and engage with residents. It is a lively friendly place to be, where there will always be companionship, fun and someone to talk to.

Half or whole day sessions in Activity Centre are available to non-residents, at the cost of a half day for £25 or a full day for £50. The latter would include lunch. Participants can join in with the full range of arts and crafts available in the Activity Centre, enjoy socialising with others and for an additional cost could accompany our residents on day trips.

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